Meeting Your Immediate Funding Needs

Fix & Flip Residential Financing, Commercial, Construction, Development; a hard money loan may be just the right solution.

Mojave Capital is an equity-driven private lender, providing a variety of commercial loans for real estate investors, builders, and developers.  

Since 2007, Mojave Capital has specialized in providing creative financing solutions for time sensitive, distressed, or transitional real estate opportunities. 

Mojave Capital has the flexibility to consider a wide array of projects, ranging from multi-family residential, office, industrial, retail, fix and flip, and land acquisition and development.

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To the prospective Borrower; we can provide quick no-nonsense decisions based on the equity in any given property, location, market conditions, exit strategy, borrower experience & financial condition.

Our goal with borrowers is to provide realistic and timely funding solutions that match their business needs and objectives.

     We believe that investing in well underwritten First Trust Deeds makes sense. However, the current market place makes this investment even more attractive. Restricted lending by banks is creating greater access to high quality Borrowers for Private Lenders looking to make 1st Trust Deed Investments.