Trust deeds are about diversification.

Nearly all investors appreciate the value of diversification.  We have all heard the saying, it's not prudent to put all your eggs in one basket.  The most common way to diversify is to divide your portfolio between stocks and bonds.  Astute investors seek additional diversification by further dividing their fixed income portfolio.  This is where trust deeds play a critical role.  While bonds are considered "fixed income," prices vary, sometimes dramatically.  However, if you place some or all of your fixed income bucket into Trust Deeds - the returns for which are truly fixed - you add an element of stability, thereby lowering the volatility of your entire portfolio.

Diversification aside, investors should not overlook the investment opportunities in the real estate market itself and no portfolio should be without it.  Trust deeds are a convenient and sensible way to take advantage of the opportunities of real estate investing in a more passive way.


Trust Deed Investment

secured by a hard asset

A Promissory Note secured by a Deed of Trust recorded on real property.  The Borrower executes the Note payable to the Investor(s) to pay a certain interest rate (typically 9-12%) on the loaned money, plus repay principal within a specific time frame.

How to Invest

Real estate investing simplified

Funding your investment is simple.  Accounts may be opened by: Individuals with Savings, IRAs, Family Trusts, Corporations, Limited and General Partnerships.  We are here to assist you, please contact us to speak with an Investment Representative.

Self-Directed IRA

more investment options

A "self directed IRA" shares the same tax benefits of a traditional IRA but with one huge difference...the self directed IRA allows for more investment options, giving you more control over your own portfolio.  Any qualified retirement account can be transferred or rolled into a self directed account.  

Education / Setup

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At Mojave Capital, we are dedicated to forming relationships with private investors and educating them on how trust deed investing works; including information sharing and investment evaluation.  We are hear to answer any questions you may have.